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Cathedral Sound Room Dampening Panels




The Cathedral Sound Room Dampening Panels are a surprisingly small, décor-friendly, but uniquely powerful tool for reducing room acoustic problems associated with bass standing waves. Usually mounted in the upper corners, which will tend to “horn load” where two walls meet the ceiling, these Panels help to equalize the room. By ameliorating standing waves, which can cause boomy bass in some areas in the listening room and anemic bass response in other locations in the same room, the low frequency “foundation” is better controlled allowing the midrange and higher frequencies to also “breathe” more easily. Not only is bass more tuneful with greater impact, the midrange (and dialog) is more articulate and dynamic, and soundstage size and layering is significantly improved.

TECHNICAL: the Cathedral Sound Room Dampening Panels (patent pending) apply the well-known Venturi effect, where air flowing through a constriction must speed up due to the restriction, reducing its pressure. The method of constriction within these Panels is engineered to have a primary effect on mid-bass and deep bass response below 200 Hz, where room nodes are principally excited. At these frequencies the “room-boom” will not only color the human voice, but also interferes with broader band articulation due to room resonance “hang-over.”

Panel-B Acoustic Panel Pair: $199.95
–In Black

Panel-W Acoustic Panel Pair: $199.95
–Off White/ Light Gray




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