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Cathedral Sound Room Dampening Panels


Cathedral Sound Reviews and Links

"With the sub on this track the music sounded absolutely thunderous but at the same time very well controlled. Again the soundstage sounded very coherent but spread out and tight. Every sound in the lower frequencies including percussion such as congas, bongos, and even steel drums felt well controlled and solidly anchored on the soundstage. This was expected since this is what the Cathedral Panels were designed for. But what absolutely blew my mind was that with or without the sub in addition to the panels it took away a degree of transistor or solid state sound from the midrange to the top end. In its place it left a slightly more natural, more harmonic richness and roundness to the sound. I write this with hand on heart, "Word, brothers and sisters, Word”. These little panels are controlling more than low bass and I love it!"

- Francisco Duran,   Positive Feedback ISSUE 50

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Tweaks . . . That Work!


... the great thing about the Cathedral Sound Room Dampening Panels is that they work. They’re most effective when hung on a wall (6" to 8" down and 3" out from the nearest meeting room boundaries), but also do very well when just sitting on the floor in the room’s corners. The effect of the panels was instant and easily noticeable in my room, with marked decreases in boom and bass bloat. This was accompanied by a clearer, more focused midrange that had been masked by the overloaded room. Overall, the Cathedral Sound products were just the ticket for reforming my spacious listening room. The facts that they’re cheap ($90 each, with discounts available for multiple units), and of almost microscopic size compared to traditional bass traps, make them worth a close look. They actually deliver as promised: a tweak that . . . works!

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. . . Colin Smith


By Robert Deutsch                                                    July 2009

Stereophile Vol. 32 No.7

"...I can't say I completely follow the technical explanation; the important thing is that the Cathedral panels worked. Installed as directed (basically, you drive a supplied special nail into the wall and hang a panel on it), there was a definite improvement in the clarity of the bass, especially apparent with the drums and synthesizer on Mickey Hart's Planet Drum.
Were the improvements of such magnitude that they turned my room into a facsimile of an IEC Listening Room? No. the Cathedral Sound panels weren't magical, but they did make an improvement in the sound of my room. Two things I really like about them is that they're relatively unobtrusive, and no tweaking is involved in their placement - none of that getting the positioning just right or making the sound even worse. Recommended.”


by                                                       March 2008

"...after a few hours of critical listening, I could report that these panels are amazing, especially for their size, the Cathedral Sound Room Dampening Panels provided more obvious improvements than any other acoustic treatment I have tried, even the ones ten times their size and triple their cost."

"In conclusion, the Cathedral Sound Room Dampening Panels get my highest recommendation. They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and very well constructed. They’ll fit into your listening room without bringing attention to themselves, but most importantly, they just flat out work. This was something I could not claim for many of the previous acoustic products I had tried. If you are concerned about getting the most music out of your system budget or are interested in proven room acoustical treatment products without decorating your listening room for combat, then the Cathedral Sound Room Dampening Panels could definitely be the way to go. Or to paraphrase Dennis Green, “They did, what I thought they’d do!”

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    Impressions: Good Stuff! by David W. Robinson
    Please go to the last Article on this page for Cathedral Panels Review.

  • User Review:                                                                                          7/13/10

    I've owned Cathedral Sound Panels for close to two years and have used them in two different rooms, one small and the other medium (2400 cu. ft.) in size. I would like to congratulate Nucore Technologies and Ultrasystems for making such an effective acoustical treatment available at a reasonable price. The design is truly a creative application of the Venturi principle and must be heard with music playing in a real room to be fully appreciated. My reason for saying this is that because of its size, it is understandable that some might be skeptical. Before listening with the panels installed, I was doubtful that anything this small could have much of an effect on the standing waves that were muddying the sound. It seemed a bit counter-intuitive. After all, most bass traps on the market, including some in listening rooms where I've listened to recorded music, are rather large by comparison.

    After receiving four Cathedral Sound Panels, I installed them in each ceiling corner on the long wall. The difference in the sound was audibly improved. Besides, a fuller and tighter bass, the mid and upper ranges sounded much clearer. The smearing and muffling of the mid range was gone. The music opened up with more air and space around instruments and voices. Details emerged that I had not noticed before when listening to the same recordings without the panels in place.

    With many years invested in audio, I've learned from experience that you cannot tell what a component might sound like under real conditions in your own listening room and system simply by reading the manufacturer's specifications. Numbers won't tell you what you need to know. The real test is listening and judging with your own ears.

    I'm sure the same applies to the Cathedral Sound Panels. I would suggest that anyone shopping for acoustic panels suspend judgment until after hearing what these unassuming panels can do. Critiques that include measurements not performed under the right conditions should not be trusted. In the case of the Cathedral Sound Panels, don't trust any test that doesn't allow for the proper measurement of the air pressure component caused by the standing wave. I would also suggest that you discount information from anyone who is a competitor in the acoustic products market place simply because of the obvious conflict of interest. Internet forums where acoustic treatments are discussed are full of posts from competing companies. Most are fair
    and avoid judging products made by other companies. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

    The Cathedral Sound Panels are less expensive than many competing products. Their design originated by thinking by “out of the box”. They take up little space and make an attractive addition to any room. Last and most important, they work very well.

    John Caggiano


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