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HiFi-Tuning Silver/Gold Fuses


March 2013

Conclusion: "...I have never before heard of a sound tuning for around 30 Euro with such clearly audible effects! In extreme cases, the substitution of a standard fuse for a Supreme3 from Hifi Tuning improves the sound of your system even at what feels like 100 %!  Amazing, astounding, measurably proven by us and actually true: Supreme3 micro-fuses for around 30 Euro are very well-invested no matter what - definitely check them out!"

-Michael Voigt, HiFi Test TV Hifi (translated from the original German)

Pdf of Review for download.




February 2012:  Mike Silverton of StereoTimes writes on the Supreme fuses:

"...HiFi-Tuning's top-of-the-line fuses are a screaming bargain..."

Read entire review in his Random Noise #31 column on StereoTimes.com


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read entire review.


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read entire review.



Tiny fuses make a big difference
Posted in News on April 26th, 2010 by gkrakow

Here is something you don’t think about every day: fuses.

The difference these fuses make are mind-boggling. In almost every case, use of these fuses improved every piece of gear into which they were installed. Differences include cleaner treble – lower-reaching bass, brighter colors and overall less audio and video noise. You really have to see and hear the difference to appreciate just how good they are.

Of all the testing we’ve done – and believe me there’s had been months worth – my favorites are the Hi-fi Tuning SilverStars. To my ears, and eyes, they absolutely sound the cleanest and make the colors pop the most on my 37-in LCD TV.

I know it’s hard to believe that something so small and relatively inexpensive can make such a difference. But it can – and it does.

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Click here to read complete review.





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