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In conjunction with our Cable Company affiliate (the world's leading retailer of specialty audio cables, powerline products and resonance control specialists), we are THE system matching specialists for high performance music and video systems. In addition to the products handled by our wholesale division, we offer superior products from the world's finest component manufacturers including Audio Physics, BAT, Belles, CAT, Clearaudio, EAR, Fanfare FM, Impact Technologies, Lamm, Marsh, Muse, Pass Labs, Rega, Rogue, Totem, VPI, and many more. In the US we jointly operate a "Library" service with Cable Company to offer component home trial of hundreds of audio products.

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  • Master Cable Price List (Cable Company affiliate, last update 3/06)
  • Accessories Price List (last update 1/07)
  • Used/Demo Cables - (updated weekly on Tuesdays, 11 am EST)
    To make ordering used and demo cables easier we have moved these listings to our new used-cable-only website called usedcable.com. This site incorporates "shopping cart" technology, which will allow you to simply click on items you want to purchase. Or if you prefer to write down used items you want to purchase and enter these on our fatwyre.com order form with your other purchases, of course you are welcome to do this.

    To proceed to the storefront for usedcable.com site, click here.

  • Used/Demo Components (last update 4/18/07)

Component offerings, directly and through our reciprocal dealers, are too broad to provide a comprehensive listing. Please contact us to discuss your component needs and for good, sound advice.

Vacuum tube matching is another specialty. Our brands include: Amperex,Brimar, EI (Yugo), GE, Gold Aero, Golden Dragon, Mullard,National-Gold, RAM Labs, RCA, Sovtek, Siemens, Svetlana, Sylvania, Tesla and more. Contact us for information on the best tubes for your electronics.