News Release

Spring '97

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The Genesis Time Lens

When one listens to the current Genesis Time Lens between transport and DAC, one can immediately understand (at least an element of) the attraction Genesis holds for some of what was the core group running Audio Alchemy. We are talking about a big step beyond the best de-jittering circuit Alchemy has done, and we are also talking about a-whole-nother level of build quality.

AES, Coax, and ST glass inputs and outputs are standard. Priced at $1795 before those good Ultra Systems sliding discounts. Get to your local dealer, or call us to try a Lens from the Library, and hear a truly significant digital component at work.

Breakthrough CD Player from Rega -
No, You're Kidding!

Of all the unexpected products - a killer CD player from venerable turntable manufacturer Rega. Arguably the most important digital product of the year, the "Planet" sets a new standard for affordable digital. In fact get ready to pony up at least twice the $795 asking price to beat it.

Brilliantly engineered and built to last, this is the late 1990's equivalent of (and a big performance step up from) the classic Rotel 855 or the Marantz CD63.

Supply is a little tight, so you may need to wait a bit for a sample from our Library, or to purchase. But don't worry, like the long-lived Rega turntables and tonearms, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Planet CD player selling well a decade from now. Thanks Rega!

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