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A word from the Designer of~

Audio Desk Systeme's Vinyl cleaner:

Dear friends of analogue reproduction,

We have something in common: we all love our record collections and guard our musical companions like small treasures - well aware of the unrivaled sound the black discs offer. Nevertheless we all know „companions” and their associated side effects: dust, dirt, finger prints, and the faux pas of the past, all leave their traces. With the advancing age of the disc, and increasing levels of contamination, the sound enjoyment dwindles. To put a stop to this only professional cleaning fits the bill, however having exhaustively tested disc cleaners the customary solutions available couldn't wholly satisfy me: either cleaning effectiveness, the associated noise, protection of the disc surface, ease of handling, longevity, or last but not least, the price, left something to be desired. It soon became clear to me that in order to fully satisfy all the listed criteria I would have to look for a solution of my own.
Four years of development have since passed, the result: the VINYL CLEANER!

The VINYL CLEANER is a disc cleaning machine that follows a different path: the cleaning process is fully automatic, simultaneously for both sides, ultrasonically, and by means of counter-rotating microfibre cleaning barrels, with subsequent drying. This form of cleaning is not only quieter and more convenient, it is above all highly effective and extremely gentle on the disc's surfaces. Your discs sparkle as never before and most importantly: the sound is closer to the music.

With the VINYL CLEANER you can acquire a high-performance disc cleaner, which is the realization of that which is possible, and in a cost optimized form, and which you and your treasured record collection will enjoy for a long time to come.

Reiner Gläss



Cleaning and Drying VINYL CLEANER


The VINYL CLEANER - (not) a matter of philosophy

One can speak about two primary philosophies, two different approaches, that are used in disc cleaning (if you disregard the generally ineffective cleaning by hand): surface suction and point suction. Without wanting to go into the pros and cons of these two procedures, both have one common denominator - suction: I have heard the credo „the disc needs to undergo suction cleaning in order to become really clean“, at various high-end trade fairs and in diverse analogue forums. This statement is underlined by the product offerings on the market: there appears little alternative to suction cleaning.

I wish I could claim that by discussing this topic we have arrived at the gist of the matter - but in the case of disc cleaning the one thing all can agree on: when the dirt loosening process is not carried out effectively, then suction cleaning (or any other clever procedure) simply won't bring good results.


The VINYL CLEANER - a clean machine

In order to loosen dirt, residues, and other contaminants from the disc surface, the standard approach employs brushes. The cleaning results are at least as various and diverse as the brush materials that are used. From the shape of the brush, to the pressure and angle applied, to the speed of turning, numerous criteria, which have to work optimally together, play an important role in order to form the basis for efficient disc cleaning.

Unfortunately the worst case scenario occurs too often: instead of removing the dirt it is forced even deeper into the grooves, or spread across the entire disc surface, or worst of all, the analogue killer, the disc surface is damaged.


The VINYL CLEANER - a dust remover

The VINYL CLEANER doesn't rely on brushes to remove dust and other contaminants. Counter-rotating microfibre wet cleaning barrels, and the ultrasonic process, remove dirt gently yet thoroughly; even the finest particles sitting deep in the grooves of the disc. The cleaning fluid is recirculated and filtered during the cleaning process - in this way the dirt removed, or “shaken,” from the disc can't find it's way directly or indirectly back onto the disc surface. Only then is the foundation for the important final step created: the drying process!


The VINYL CLEANER - drying with no ifs, ands, or buts

Both surface and point suction rely on the vacuum created. The diminishing of the vacuum due to the aging of the apparatus, and the static charging of the disc caused by the effects of rubbing, are two main drawbacks of suction. Surface suction is generally characterized by the limited efficiency of dirt removal and loud vacuum cleaner-like noise. Point suction is typified by the slow speed of cleaning and complicated handling. Convenience is generally sacrificed in either case - both concepts in the main only allow one side of the disc to be cleaned at a time. Once again the VINYL CLEANER rips up the rule book! Both sides of the disc are cleaned and subsequently dried simultaneously. The gentle fan drying process is driven by two high-performance motors - with significantly lower noise, and with no creation of static!


Operation, handling and care

The VINYL CLEANER - maximum convenience

The VINYL CLEANER can justifiably claim to be the most user-friendly disc cleaner: operation, handling and care are all geared towards absolute simplicity and maximum convenience. Before first usage the VINYL CLEANER simply needs to be placed on a level surface, distilled water and cleaning fluid added, the wet filter be fitted and the apparatus plugged in - off you go!
Switch on the VINYL CLEANER, introduce a disc from above, press the start button - the cleaning and drying procedure run fully automatically, and you can get on with other jobs with no worries. The beginning and the end of the cleaning process are signaled both acoustically and by means of the LED display. Depending on the dirtiness of the particular disc the length of the main cleaning process can be individually set - simply at the touch of a button.

The VINYL CLEANER - easy to care for

To begin with a quick word regarding cleaning fluid: In order to treat the vinyl as gently as possible, and create the best possible sound, the cleaning fluid, specifically developed for the VINYL CLEANER, avoids the use of alcohol, instead relying on a mild biodegradable mixture with excellent cleaning properties and outstanding antistatic characteristics. Just one container of cleaning fluid concentrate - 2 are included in the delivery package - is enough to clean approximately 100-200 discs (depending on the level of disc contamination).

The wet filter is easy to clean: saturate with distilled water and ring out. The inspection interval for the wet filter is identical to the replacement of the cleaning fluid. The 4 microfibre-cleaning barrels are extremely robust and therefore only need to be replaced after approximately 500 completed cleaning operations.

The VINYL CLEANER - spare parts and accessories

1. Cleaning fluid concentrate (20 ml)
2. Microfibre-cleaning barrels
3. VINYL CLEANER wet filter

Accessories and spare parts are available from your dealer or AUDIODESKSYSTEME GLÄSS.

The VINYL CLEANER - technical data

- Cleaning of 12“-discs (300 mm diameter)
- Mains adapter with input voltage (110 - 240V, 50-60 Hz.)
- Capacity: approx. 4.5 L distilled water, 20 ml cleaning concentrate
- Cleaning time incl. drying: approx. 6 mins
- Weight without liquid: 5.5 kg
- Dimensions: 300 x 200 x 270 mm (width x depth x height)
- Guarantee: 2 years from date of purchase