Ultra Systems Newsletter Spring '97 Page 2



Congratulations to the winners of
The Absolute Sound's Best of '96
(Issue 109) .
Here is a sampling (*all items available from Ultra Systems):

Clearaudio Reference Turntable

VPI JMW Memorial Arm

Walker Proscenium Gold Signature

HP loved the Clearaudio Reference Turntable with the Clearaudio/Souther arm and Clearaudio Insider phono cartridge,with special mentions to the much more affordable Crown Jewel cartridge ($2650 for one of the fifteen per month hand-made in Japan) and to the VPI JMW Memorial Arm, and agrees with us that the AHT Non-Signature Phono Stage is king of the hill.

On the digital front, HP has been as taken by the Genesis Digital Time Lens as we are,turned us on to the Vibraplane air isolation platform in the first place, and is hip to the ProGold contact treatment, and the Nordost Eco anti-static spray (great for CD's and cables!).

PB feels the Walker Proscenium Gold Signature turntable is the best in the world, the Morch DP6 uni-pivot arm is underated, the Benz any-moving-coil-cartridge-re-tipping-service is good value at $750, and the Top Hat tube tuners are a must.

AB thought the Purist Proteus interconnects and the Synergistic Research Reference speaker cables to be award-worthy, while AT was impressed by Cardas's Golden Cross, and Nordost's Red Dawn cables, finding the extremely low capacitance Red Dawn an especially good match for Best of '96... passive preamp the "Passion", from Audio Synthesis, and MB especially liked the power line impact of the ESP "Essence" power cords, and the Electraclear EAU-1 line conditioner.

AHT Non-Signature Phono Stage

Morch DP6





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