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Spring '97

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New Anthem Linestage Preamp

Quick: delete that good phono stage from the hot-selling $1495 Anthem preamp, and tuck the outboard power supply into the main chassis - what do you get? The Anthem Linestage for only $995!

Anthem CD Changer

Question: Where do you look for an audiophile CD changer?

Logic: Well, who makes the best-sounding one box single play unit on the planet?

Conclusion: The Anthem CD Player, from Sonic Frontiers, $1495 - available soon.

Pass + Passion = Musical Heaven

Here is a shortcut into the fabulous Pass sound.

The $2000 Pass Aleph L preamp is a passive/active hybrid; the active stage only kicks in if you need a lot of gain. If you don't need all that gain and want to get into the single-ended-solid-state glory that is Pass, for less, consider Pass amp + Passion passive preamp = match made in heaven!

Special: save $400 on Passion, now $1099. Save $600 on Passion if purchased with any Pass amplifier, only $899!

New from Pass: Aleph Ono Phono Stage

After years of development and tweaking by ear, Pass Labs is releasing their $2000 phono stage. This extremely flexible unit offers balanced XLR or RCA capability, variable gain for MC or MM, and variable cartridge loading. Performance befits the Pass family of state-of-the-art amps and preamps - say no more!

Whether you are using Pass components or another line stage preamp, if you are shopping for a phono stage, here is one for the shortlist.

Attention Watt/Puppy Owners

Occasionally you stumble upon the dream component combination that makes this hobby so satisfying. If you own Watt/Puppies, here is the amp of your dreams.

From Kansas City comes the Transcendent T8 stereo and mono amps. An OTL design incorporating some genuinely new (and patented) technology, this is the first transformerless amp to successfully deal with the high heat and reliability problems which had beset earlier OTL's. Furthermore, OTL's based on the old Futterman design typically have a terrible time driving dynamic speakers, lacking bass and tonal richness. Not this baby.

And get this: the output stage is truly direct coupled - no capacitors. There is nothing between the speakers and the EL509 output tubes but wire!

Heaven with the Watt/Puppies. Or try it with Quads, or any but the toughest speaker loads (we are talking real world speakers, not just horns and the like). Quiet, low heat, stable: built to last a lifetime.

25 Watt Stereo, $3595 80 Watt Monoblocks, $6995/pr.
Save big on our favorite Rev "i" Series speakers
from Michael Green Designs


Rev 5i in Cherry

Rev 80i in Cherry
Rev 5i's, reg. $750, now $599/pr.

Rev Cinema 6i's
(center channel or shielded left/right),
reg. $499 ea.,now $399 ea.

Rev 60i, reg.$1295, now $995/pr.

Rev 80i, reg.$1650, now $1295/pr.

Prices in black; upgrade to Natural Cherry just $25 per speaker.

Save $1000

on PAC Pro-Reference 2000 Preamp

Special purchase of this under-recognized linestage preamp designed by Larry Smith. Based on his $10K "Class A-rated" (Stereophile) Pro-Reference III, we find this mid-priced unit to be nearly its match. But the $2500 price is only a quarter of big brother due to a less complex power supply, elimination of the muting circuit, and less costly chassis construction. You've heard of the law of diminishing returns in high end: for a $7500 saving, who cares about the muting circuit?

A hybrid design like big brother: the audio signal path is all vacuum tube, with solid state "support circuitry."

Save an extra $1000 now through August. Supply limited.
$1495 for near state-of-the-art line stage? Grab this one!

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